about Newsom Vineyards

Neal Newsom

The Newsom family had been cotton farmers for over a hundred years in the Lubbock area.   Worried about water shortages in west Texas, Neal Newsom decided that it was time for a change.  Interested in alternative crops and after researching peanuts, alfalfa, pumpkins and others he decided on  wine grapes.   It was a huge gamble, as  large scale planting of grapes were not commonly grown in that area.   So began his adventure in wine grape growing on the Texas HIgh Plains.  

In 1989, three years after he planted, the first crop was harvested and fit in the trunk of his car. He drove the grapes to a winery in Garden City and received his first check for about $500.

Today, Newsom Vineyards is one of the largest producers of wine grapes in the High Plains area.  The vineyards produce …. tons annually and the highly sought after grapes are sold to wineries all over the state.

Nolan Newsom

Building on the legacy…

After working years as the vineyard manager for his father, Nolan  decided to start a completely new adventure.  Opening his own winery and tasting room in Comfort, TX.   He found a 100-year old house and completely remodeled it. making it into the present day tasting room. 

Building on the families relationship with many Texas winemakers,  Newsom Vineyards label wines are created from Newsom grapes utilizing the talents of many different Texas winemakers. 

Nolan’s passion for his families grapes and the wine made from them is evident as he utilizes his talents overseeing the Comfort Tasting room talking to people about Newsom wines as well as showcasing the wines in private wine pairing dinners he prepares.


Grandmother Lavern

Grandmother Lavern planted some of the first Merlot vines in the Plains area.  You can say she started it all!